Your Intuition
is Calling

That’s right, this is your sign from the universe! 

You’re here because…

• You’ve been aching to connect with yourself at a deeper level

• You’re tired of living life on the surface and just skimming by

• You have a feeling there’s more to life than meets the eye

• You feel the urge to awaken to your intuition 

It's Time to Build Your Intuitive Voice

Strengthen your ability to attract positive change through ritual, meditation and herbal practices. Awaken Your Intuition and discover:

• What your intuition is and how to tune into it through a variety of tools, techniques and exercises

• Video training modules including four guided meditations for intuitive transformation

• How-to divination rituals to encourage deepening your connection to your inner-guide

• A wide array of various methods to use intuitive tools such as tarot, pendulum, journaling and more…

• Our companion 48-page Awakening Your Intuition Workbook 


Stephanie Spirovski

Intuitive guide and self-care specialist who believes daily rituals can be an everyday radical expression of self-love. Leading to a deep sense of wellness and stability, Stephanie has found her purpose in teaching and cultivating a creative lifestyle through wellness and community. Combined with a desire to share her love for self-care and the esoteric world, her experiences in ancient holistic teachings brought forth this unique and transformative class.


The Awakening Your Intuition Bundle includes all materials to harness
your intuitive powers
and heighten your divination experience at 20% OFF!

This BONUS Class Bundle Includes: 

Awakening Your Intuition Class

Awakening Your Intuition 48-Page Workbook

Astral Traveler TeaOrganic loose-leaf tea to assist you in utilizing your dream state to explore deeper parts of yourself

Vision Oila beautifully rich aromatic oil to incite the expansion of the mind, your intuition, and psychic abilities

Lapis Lazuli Pendulum & Pendulum Boardto connect with your higher self, your spirit guides, and the Universe for a deeper understanding of your inner wisdom

PLUS secure a spot on the guest list for our live Zoom Meditation on Thursday, January 18th at 6 pm PST when you bundle!

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Purchase our Awakening Your Intuition Class or bundle and secure a spot on the guest list for our live Zoom Meditation on Thursday, January 18th at 6 pm PST 


“I wasn't sure what to expect when beginning this course but I'm so glad I took the leap and got the course bundle! The course itself is quite informative and offers useful advice on how to integrate intentional practices into my, at times, hectic daily life. Love treating myself to a cup of Astral tea before bed or meditation. Also, the Vision oil smells divine and helps bring my mind into relaxation in the present moment. Try it! You won't regret it!”

-Alana R.

I love the workbook and that it’s interactive after the course. I liked that it can keep me accountable and practice the next 10 days, helping me get into a routine"


“The guided meditations in this course are SO helpful in connecting with my intuitive voice. I learned so much through this course and looking forward to more classes and continuing my ritual journey with Stephanie.”

-Steffanie W.

In this workshop, Stephanie uses all of these components to guide us into how to open our Anja Chakra and awaken our deepest intuition. Through a series of exercises, education, and meditation I love how I am able to open myself to more intuitive experiences in a new and tangible way

-Jennifer E.

So what are you waiting for?