Stephanie Spirovski

Stephanie Spirovski

Stephanie Spirovski is a self-care specialist and intuitive guide who believes that daily rituals can be an everyday radical expression of self-love, leading to a deep sense of wellness and stability.

Stephanie’s lifelong quest to understand the mind-body connection began with her passion for dancing and eventually led her to study Reflexology at The Bellevue Massage School, where she discovered the importance of touch and its profound impact on healing. To this day, an evening ritual of oils and self-reflexology are a part of her and her family's self-care regimen.

In adulthood, Stephanie felt called to understand something deeper and was introduced to spirituality through both the physicality and philosophy of yoga. As a certified instructor for over 15 years, she has worked with incredible masters in her field, studying Yoga Sutras with master teacher Chase Bossart and working with Leslie Kaminoff, Gary Krafstow, and Jody Kurilla.

As her personal practices developed, Stephanie set out to share her passions with others. This led her to an education in natural skincare at the Aveda Institute in Portland, Oregon. She found tremendous joy in working hands on with people, helping them feel more confident within themselves. She then went on to work for lifestyle coach, aromatherapist, chef, and yogi Rainbeau Mars, who mentored her in the process of learning aromatherapy, plant medicine, and body cleanses.

After years of studying the mind-body connection, Stephanie wanted to share her passions with others. She began working at a women-owned collective, The Hangout, and quickly realized the power of community. The power of this motivated her to recreate this type of kinship for others to experience. Stephanie decided to create her own custom product line and personal development courses under the House of Rituals name. She used her skills in aromatherapy and plant medicine to create therapeutic products to meet any need, from tea blends and body butters to therapeutic face mists. 

Through her travels and studies, Stephanie has found her purpose in teaching and cultivating community. With the desire to share her love for self-care and the esoteric world, she weaved together all of her experiences in ancient holistic teachings to create unique and modern courses such as Intuitive Tea Blending, Self-Love & Skincare, and Vision Board. In order to bring her expertise to more people, Stephanie connected with the team at to create Rituals by Tarot, a platform to assist others in the journey to find their power and happiness. 

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