Our Story

Our Story

Rituals by Tarot started as two parallel paths. In Long Beach, California, self-care specialist and intuitive guide Stephanie Spirovski was driven by her experience with herbalism and community to create her unique apothecary business, House of Rituals. With universal intention, she used her skills in aromatherapy and plant medicine to create hand-made products ranging from tea blends and body butters to cleansing aura mists and ritual candles.

Pregnant with twin girls in 2022, Stephanie was searching for ways to make a bigger impact and reach a wider audience. She knew she’d need help, so with divine intention, she called upon the Universe through a vision board she created solely focused on this manifestation. A Tarot card, The Empress, was the centerpiece of that vision board.

While in Portland, Oregon, the Tarot.com team was busy exploring ways to develop a platform for passionate teachers and like-minded creators to expand their offering of spiritual development tools for their vast audience. Like a spark of light, a series of beautiful coincidences aligned to form a meeting between Tarot.com and Stephanie Spirovski. As these two worlds merged, thus began the creation of Rituals by Tarot.

What started as one woman's passion and one company’s desire to grow is developing into a team of experts to create an online sanctuary for self-care, a refuge for the soul, and a place to call home when you're in search of a little guidance.

Our Mission

Rituals by Tarot is a personal development platform and supportive space for individuals in search of spiritual enlightenment and holistic wellness tools. With one foot grounded in the Earth and one dangling deep in universal mystery, we strive to bridge the gap between esoteric practices and tangible tools for revolutionary self-care.

Led by self-care specialist and intuitive guide, Stephanie Spirovski, Rituals by Tarot provides a space for people to find the passionate teachers, tools, and products they need for spiritual development, empowering them in their divination practices.

Rituals by Tarot aspires to lead positive change in our community by uplifting and inspiring those who wish to consciously heal and empower themselves through transformative guided practices. We choose to work closely with women-owned companies and offer tools made in the USA. Our practices are ethical, and all ingredients are responsibly sourced.

We believe making positive change starts within the core of a business, thus creating a ripple effect for the greater good. Every action has a reaction, and we are committed to being on the positive side of that. Our foundational approach to divination and spiritual work strives to assist you on a deeper level, nourishing your inner power so that you flourish in all corners of your being. The mystery of the Universe sits inside of you. Tap into it and watch the power of conscious ritual transform your world.

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