Moon Magic

Moon Magic

Since the dawn of time, the captivating glow of the Full Moon has influenced humans’ spiritual well-being, moods, and sleep patterns. With its luminous, mysterious, and healing presence, the Full Moon occurs approximately every 29.5 days, gracing us with its radiance for one night. Revered as a potent catalyst for spiritual growth, it fosters self-reflection, manifestation, and connection to the universe. Its enigmatic nature can induce vivid dreams and intensify emotions. 

Embrace the power of Full Moon rituals to enhance your personal development and cultivate a sense of connection with the world around you.

Prepare for the upcoming Full Moons

October 28th (4:24 pm): Hunter’s Moon

November 27th (4:16 am): Beaver Moon

December 26th (7:33 pm): Cold Moon

What are the energies of October’s Full Moon?

The Hunter’s Full Moon in Taurus is a cosmic reminder of material needs and manifestation. This celestial event prompts introspection, revealing what you truly need in the material world and whether or not you’re getting it. This Full Moon’s timing, right before Halloween, also aligns you with your spiritual progression, abundance, divination, and the afterlife. This is a time that encourages nourishment of the body and soul. Slow down, move through ritual, understand what you want to manifest, and bask in the moon's radiance. 

Why is it important to practice rituals on the Full Moon?

Practicing rituals on the Full Moon is important for spiritual growth and manifestation. By aligning your intentions with the heightened energy of the Full Moon, you can amplify your desires and deepen your connection with the universe. Embracing the cycles of the earth and using the light of the Full Moon is a powerful way to align yourself with your goals and unleash your fullest potential. In addition, Full Moon rituals provide an opportunity for self-reflection, clarity, and mindfulness. 

Types of Moon Rituals

Here are some rituals to practice around the Full Moon to harness its energy and symbolism. 

  1. Moon Bathing: simply sit under the moonlight and allow the moon's energy to cleanse and rejuvenate you.
  2. Charging Crystals: place your crystals or gemstones in a windowsill or outside so the light of the moon can cleanse and charge them with its radiant glow.
  3. Setting Intentions: write down your wishes and goals on a piece of paper, place it under the light of the Full Moon, and watch as the light breathes life into your manifestation.
  4. Full Moon Tarot or Oracle Reading: use Tarot or Oracle as a guide to help you gain insight and clarity during this time of potent realization.
  5. Pendulum Practice: call in your ancestors and spirit guides during this potent lunar phase by using this ancient dowsing tool.
  6. Moon Water: fill a glass jar with water and place it outside overnight in the moonlight. The next day, you can use the water to cleanse yourself, rinse your crystals, or make an offering to the earth. 

A ritual for October’s Full Moon

An October Full Moon ritual can be a wonderful way to tap into the mystical energies and magical ambiance of Halloween. Follow these step-by-step directions on how to create a ritual (and feel free to customize according to your own beliefs or preferences). 

Supplies Needed: White candle, glass jar of water, symbol or photo of your ancestors or spirit guides, pen, paper, matches, fireproof bowl, and any items that evoke the spirit of the season

1. Prepare your space

  • You’ll want to be outside or near a window where the moonlight can enter.
  • Perform a cleansing ritual by cleansing yourself with herbal smoke or taking a few deep breaths.
  • Set up your space with flowers, photos, crystals, and other supplies.

2. Set your intention

  • Take a few moments to reflect on what you want to invite into your ritual. Are you trying to manifest something? What feeling are you trying to invoke?
  • Light your candle with this same intention in your mind. Call in your spirit guides and ancestors for guidance and protection.
  • Write your intention in one word on your glass jar. Leave this to sit overnight under the Full Moon.

3. Release 

  • Using your piece of paper, write down any fears or blockages that are standing in your way. Be honest with yourself.
  • Hold the paper to your hand and visualize any unwanted energies being transferred onto the paper.
  • When you feel ready, ignite the paper with the candle flame and place it safely into your fireproof bowl. Visualize the transformative powers of the fire burning up anything standing in your way.

4. Repeat a Full Moon mantra

  • Direct your attention to the Full Moon. Feel its radiant energy flowing through you. Allow a sense of gratitude to overcome you as you say this mantra: “I manifest all I need with ease.”
  • Repeat the mantra three times.

5. Close the space

  • Extinguish the flame of the candle with your breath. As you do, express gratitude to your spirit allies and the healing light of the moon.
  • Pause for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and bow down to the earth in gratitude. 
  • The next morning, offer up a bit of your moon water to the earth as a thank you, then drink the rest, imagining yourself fully absorbing your intention.

Remember, rituals are deeply personal. Move through them slowly, release any negativity, and allow them to be your greatest asset for connecting with the divine within and without you. 

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