Manifestation 101

Manifestation 101

Establishing a manifestation mindset can play a huge role in your success whether it’s career-focused, family-oriented, or philanthropic. Manifestation is the key to achieving your wildest dreams and finding purpose in life. It is our birthright as conscious beings and it provides us clarity on what it is we want out of life. Each one of us has the ability to live the life we dreamed of. With determination and the right tools, we can hone in on our skills and tap into endless possibilities.

So, What is Manifestation and Why is it Important?

Tracing its roots to Buddhism and Hinduism, manifestation is an ancient principle that outlines one's ability to will their reality and shape their life through thought. Manifestation allows us to fulfill our dreams and live a more happy and inspired life.

At a macro level, manifestation is to create something from an idea into a reality. At a micro level, manifestation is a tool that allows us to live a more fulfilled life. It is holistic, it is spiritual, and it is tangible. Manifestation allows us to stay connected to our higher self, allowing us to live out our greatest aspirations. 

With science-based evidence, we can clearly state that manifestation is real. This process is called neuroplasticity and it works by allowing the brain to grow and change. Simply put, it is a practice that allows us to slow down and get really clear on what we want out of life. An example of this would be, you might really believe you can land your dream career as a musician. So you work hard, take lessons, put yourself out there, and work on getting better and therefore create a life focused around music and performing. The science behind it shows that if we really believe in something, we are willing to take the necessary steps to make magic happen. 

Ways to Manifest

There are many ways to open up to the world of manifestation. The key is to try a few methods and see what works for you. No matter what path you take, all these opportunities allow you the gift of exploring your innermost desires and turning them into reality.  

One of the most powerful tools in the world of manifestation is visualization. Using a technique called Manifestation Meditation you can clear your mind so you can harness the ability for your intentions to manifest. This path is specifically designed to allow you to connect with the positive thoughts and emotions of your desires which elevates your vibration and allows you to align your goals.

One of the more popular forms of manifestation is The Law of Attraction. This philosophy suggests that positive thoughts bring positive results and vice versa for negative thoughts. The language of The Law of Attraction says that we manifest based on our thoughts and belief systems. When people focus on a “lack of” they create less of what they want. But when focused on gratitude or abundance, the Universe will provide that. Our reality mirrors what we choose to focus on. 

Another great tool for determined beginners is the three-step process of The Pillow Method. This process begins with a piece of paper with your whole heart, write down what you want to achieve either three or six times and place it under your pillow. Every night before bed, recite the affirmation daily until you have manifested your desired outcome. Writing is a crucial part of this theory in that it helps your subconscious mind bridge the gap from dream to reality. 

Vision Board Manifestation is another popular tool and great for creative types. Regularly looking at your board allows you to sink deeper into your subconscious so your actions start to reflect what you need to do to get you to your goals. When you visually start to focus on something daily, your behavior aligns with the goals you present to yourself. Having these visual goals on your mind regularly will also prompt the right conversations with yourself and others as you work towards what it is that you want. 

369 Manifestation is a journaling method that asks you to write down what you want three times in the morning, six times in the day, and nine times in the evening. This repetition is believed to reinforce your intention and signal the Universe to bring your desire to reality. Three, six, and nine are also divine numbers that are said to accelerate the manifestation process. While you could do this process digitally (on your phone or computer) a pen and paper will likely have a more profound effect. When we write something down physically it sends a message to our brain and opens doors to possibility and solution.

How to Manifest

Before you manifest, it is important to get very clear on what it is you want. Is it a feeling you are trying to achieve, like happiness? Is it an object, like a brand-new car? Next, it’s important to understand what the feeling of having it would look like. Transforming our energy to attune it to the feeling of having achieved what we want is the key to aligning our energy so that it comes to fruition. 

How to Manifest Someone: Using a journal, write down who you want to manifest. Add every last detail (eye color, hair, essence, and interests). Imagine what it would look like to be with them. What conversations would you have? What does it feel like to be in their presence? Believe you deserve this person with your whole heart just as you are. The Universe doesn’t give us what we want but what we think we deserve. 

How to Manifest Money: First align yourself with the vibration of money. Wear colors like green and gold. Burn green candles or specific money manifestation candles. Call in the energy of abundance and imagine what it feels like to live with no worries about financial matters. Dive into your internal world and meditate on money blocks. Focus on patterns in your body and mind to allow yourself to begin to unlock areas that are stuck. Lastly, make your financial plan, set goals, budget, then watch for new opportunities to come your way.

How to Manifest Your Dreams: Understand what it is that you want. Visualize the tasks at hand to get you to your destination. Set your mind frame as if you already have what you want. Do things that raise your vibration like yoga, dance, healthy eating, and move through life with this energy. Live in gratitude for what you do have and watch your dreams come true.

How to Manifest a Job: Get clear on what you want (for example your job title, salary, hours, and environment). Visualize what this all looks and feels like. Find ways to remove self-doubt through meditation and therapeutic practices so you truly believe you are worth this position. Move through life with gratitude for everything that has come your way and surrender the rest to the Universe.

Manifesting Tools

You don’t need much to harness the power of manifestation. Other than determination and a positive outlook, there are various tools that can assist you in achieving your goals to help raise your energetic field to support your new path.

Having a manifestation journal on hand will help you think creatively while allowing you to get clear on what you want. Finding a journal with specific prompts can help you stay organized and fast-track you to achieving your goals. Picking a time of day to journal and sticking to it will allow you to build positive habits that may lead to profound experiences. 

Crystals play a powerful role in the process of manifestation because they bring in the energies you are trying to align with. Use Rose Quartz to manifest love, Jade to call in money, and Tiger’s Eye to help protect what you have manifested. Crystals redirect and re-channel energy flow which can help us unblock areas in our body and energetic field. The more open and aligned we are to our higher self the easier it will be to manifest.

Additional manifestation tools are candles. Fire represents transformation and aids in clearing out what isn’t working to create a path for your new goals. Tarot Candles are a great way to invoke certain intentions by harnessing the power of fire and heightening your connection to the feeling of what you want. Certain colors also pertain to and enhance your manifestation practice. For example, you can use pink or red for love, green for money, and purple for peace. 

A Manifestation Ritual

  1. Breathe: before you begin, take a few deep breaths and get in the right mindset. Raise your vibration with music or movement. Call forth your spirit guides and ancestors to bring in energies of gratitude and openness.
  2. Get clear on what you want- we can’t say this enough! It is important to really align yourself with what it is that you want. Having a detailed idea will make sure the Universe recognizes what you are asking for and it will help you stay on track. Write it out!
  3. Visualize: dream as big as possible and experience it from every angle. What does this future look like, smell like, taste like? How do you feel in this new position? Imagine what you are doing, who are you surrounded by? You are aligning yourself with the vibration of what you want and experiencing this visualization as if it were a memory that already happened.
  4. Give Gratitude: with a few deep and loving breaths, thank the Universe as if it has already given you what you want. Move through life with this sense of gratitude and surrender the rest. It’s important to lean in and trust the Universe will provide what you are asking for, then let it go and move on. In time you will align with your desire and manifest your dreams.

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