How to Use A Pendulum

How to Use A Pendulum

Establishing a pendulum practice can open doors to your subconscious behavior and bring light to subject matters you were once unsure of. Not just a tool but a ritual practice that sets out to bring clarity and peace into your day-to-day life. This simple yet profound practice can further your relationship with your intuition, your spirit guides and allow greater clarity for your higher self to shine through. 

So, What is a Pendulum and Why is it Important?

A simple weighted object that hangs heavy at the bottom, the pendulum is an ancient divination tool first used by Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. It is a tool used for spiritual guidance, to help clear energy blocks and answer life's burning questions. The simplicity of the pendulum brings forth accessibility to any user while its rich history brings a deeper understanding of our inner world and that of the cosmos. 

Known by the name pendulum because of its motion, in that it swings back and forth or also known as dowsing, the pendulum acts as a transmuter offering up wisdom from unseen powers. Some say that the microcurrents in your fingertips allow the pendulum to move giving way to your true subconscious thoughts. Others believe you are channeling otherworldly beings or energies and tapping into their divine knowledge. Either way, this ancient tool offers us insight and mental clarity on various subject matters.

Developing a pendulum practice can benefit us by easing our anxiety and offering us comfort by assisting in our decision-making. It can help us tap into our intuitive nature and open us up to a sense of peace allowing us to align ourselves with the Universe. Within the quiet of your sacred space a pendulum practice becomes more like a meditation and allows us time to slow down, tap into the present moment and get clear about what we truly want. It is freedom, understanding and compassion tied into one simple practice. 

Best Types of Pendulums

Choosing a pendulum depends on what your intention for use is. There are pendulums that help you heal and pendulums that offer deeper insight and wisdom. Understanding what your need is will help you decipher what type of pendulum is best for you.

The Material: Pendulums come in various organic materials all harnessing different types of energy. Crystal pendulums for instance help draw in distinctive energies based around each unique stone. For example, Lapis Lazuli is a great starter crystal and good for overall readings as this stone helps us open our third eye and connects us to our intuition. Rose quartz is good for matters of the heart while Jade is good for dealing with business and money. Indian Rosewood is connected to the heart and compassion and therefore good for self-healing. Brass pendulums help attract healing, prosperity, and connection while using Copper balances and amplifies energies allowing us to heal on all levels. 

The Shape: Various shapes offer different energy when working with pendulums. It is important to note that most pendulums end in a point from teardrops to diamonds in order to allow proper motion. The Merkabah pendulum is a geometric shape of the human energy field and is associated with higher dimensions and keeping us protected. Rounder pendulums will offer up more feminine energy while more angular pendulums bring forth masculine energies.

How to Practice with a Pendulum

  1. Get clear on the right pendulum for you: If you are unsure where to start, sit with yourself in meditation, slow down your thoughts, and allow your inner voice to shed light on what it is that will serve you best.
  2. Cleanse your pendulum: pendulums hold on to past energies so make sure to cleanse it with selenite, smudge smoke or by reciting an affirmation such as “I clear this pendulum with light and love”.
  3. Decide on what modality you want your answers to come from: wood pendulum boards are an option if you want help in elaborating your answer. You can also simply use your pendulum or create your own modified board to suit your needs at the time.
  4. Connect with your pendulum: sit quietly holding your pendulum between your hands, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It is important to align your energies to one another.
  5. Ask it a yes or no question: start by asking your pendulum a simple yes or no question like “Is the sky blue?” or “Am I a dog?” this way you’ll know if your pendulum is channeling clearly. 
  6. Listen: with an open mind and most importantly with an open heart, allow the wisdom of the pendulum to unfold its answers upon you.

A Pendulum Ritual

Find what you consider to be a sacred space and start by cleansing the entire room with either a smudge mist or a burn wand. As you do this, release any negative energy by consciously affirming "I release anything standing in the way of my truth".  Next, set the mood and put on your favorite instrumental music or try using healing sound frequencies. Now it’s time to align your inner world. Connect with your pendulum by sitting in meditation, hold your pendulum between both palms and bring focus to your breath. Focus on what type of energy you want to bring into your pendulum.

Once you feel grounded and connected, ask your pendulum a yes or no answer. You can ask deep questions like “Is he the right man for me?” or something lighter like “Should I clean my home today?”. As you ask your question, be sure to put all your thoughts and energy toward your pendulum to create a strong connection. Listen graciously, once you have found the answer be sure to thank the universe for helping you find a resolution and end your divination practice in gratitude or with a journal entry. 

For more ways to work with a pendulum and your intuition check out our Awakening Your Intuition Course.

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