Artist Spotlight: Lit Rituals

Artist Spotlight: Lit Rituals

We sat down with the flower pickers, potion mixers, and self-care devotees of one of our favorite brands, Lit Rituals. Caitlin and Christina began years ago in their home kitchen in the Bay Area and shortly after moved into homes all across the states. Their craft is appreciated by most herbal lovers, witchy women, and nature enthusiasts from coast to coast. We are happy to have them a part of the ritual community and after this read you will too!

What inspires you when you create products?

What has always inspired us when we make our products is different experiences, whether that is traveling, the scent of a loved one's perfume, or a hike we used to take as kids. Scent is such a powerful sense, so evoking a feeling we once had or pulling from an experience always seems to render the best of our work. Most of our best sellers were inspired by an everyday experience of ours, from the morning tea we drink or the smell of the trees at a frequently visited location. 

What is the heartbeat of your brand?

This is a tough one, there are so many "heartbeats" of our brand. However, the reason we started doing this together was to have fun & play an integral role in what we consider "work" while also doing something that we felt was healthy for the user but also for the planet. We wanted to create something we could feel good about from every end. 

What got you into working with rituals?

Rituals have always been a part of our life one way or another. Whether it was learning them at a young age in a religious setting or realizing the power they hold in the many phases of adulthood. We believe they play a huge role in keeping/staying sane. We are not religious, but we both agree in the power of slowing down and listening/creating a still small voice that brings you back to a sense of grounding & calm. This can be found in so many areas of life: religious/spiritual gatherings, yoga in its many forms, even down to just consciously breathing while you sip your morning coffee or tea. We believe there is a deep part of all of our beings that longs for the practice of ritual in one way or another.

What is your favorite ritual with the intuition burn bundle? 

The intuition bundle is one of my personal favorites because it has a lot of versatility. I find myself often lighting it before bed as I try to down-regulate. It is especially great to burn when you have had a very active and social day. A lot of the time we unknowingly absorb the energy of those around us and carry it in different ways (some positive and some can be an irritant). I like the idea of cleansing any lingering energy before I lay my head to rest. I like to believe that mugworts protective quality staves off the negative energy and keeps the positive.  The Intuition bundle also helps enhance your dreams, which is another reason I like to burn it before bed or before guided meditation. It's great for those who are interested in dreamwork. It can also help people who lack the skill of visualization (like me!) before a guided meditation.    

Tell us something unique to you: 

In the world of candle-making, and herbal creations, our uniqueness has become less about the product, and more about our perspective. There are certainly hundreds and hundreds of candle brands, and plenty of others that make similar creations to us. Which we love, the more the merrier. We believe that our uniqueness comes in the form of our perspective/experiences. When we set out to create something that holds deep meaning to us and pays homage to something we love and have experience in, we create something great. If we just try to create a "Best seller" without an idea thats rooted in something real to us, it usually just doesn't work out. 

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