Artist Spotlight: Dulce Ruby of Despierta

Artist Spotlight: Dulce Ruby of Despierta

We sat down with women extraordinaire and founder of Despierta; Dulce Ruby, International Speaker, Apprentice Curandera, Lucidity Researcher & Developer, and Artist of written, visual, and audio formats within the realms of consciousness, awakening, and dreams. 

Dulce Ruby is a first-generation Mexicana Americana on a mission to awaken the masses to their Magic. Having organized the first USA PIPO (Peace In Peace Out) events in 2015, she then guided a world peace tour leading meditations alongside a renowned monk from the Dhammakaya temple which she documented & published under her project Soul Traveler. She has also hosted retreats & events around the globe for brands such as LUSH Cosmetics, Under Armour, and Collective Evolution. 

Published in multiple magazines & journals, she was also featured on Huffington Post’s GPS For The Soul as “a daily meditation artist to look out for” and ELLE Magazine named her “the most inspiring Instagram account to follow to reach your Zen.” She is best known for her awakening meditations, poetic prose, and dreamy visuals that teleport you to other worlds!

As a conscious-content creator and curator, her aim is to create works and tools that awaken the masses into remembrance of who they truly are through exploration of both our inner & outer worlds.. hence, the birth of Despierta.

Tell us about your brand and what you offer

Despierta in Spanish means, ‘awake' or to ‘awaken’ — which I chose to serve as a powerful reminder, a whisper in our ears, to wake up and bring our presence into remembrance that we are awakened beings. 

Despierta plays the role of a mirror to allow space for us to reflect on the parts of us that are still asleep, need healing or further exploration while we are on our awakening journey. And in turn, provides the tools necessary to activate, heal and awaken them.

For each tool (product), Despierta interweaves the metaphysical & medicinal properties of nature to alchemize blends that are gently guided by the stars and intentionally set to the rhythms of the Moon. This helps bridge the spiritual & physical worlds to further aid in awakening you to your magic, from within - here, now and beyond.

I currently offer my ‘divine trifecta’ of herbal blends that help you Dream, Sleep, and Awaken. However, though Despierta has launched as an intentional tea ritual brand, I have so much more on the horizon (and I look forward to sharing my coming magic & tools with you all!). 

What inspires you when you create products?

Lucidity through Activation, Awakening and Healing. When creating my tools (products), I am heavily motivated by the benefits that they will bring to one’s personal journey. Of course I am inspired by the elements themselves (flowers, plants, crystals..) and how they will play a role in easily integrating more pure natural healing into one’s life, but the main inspiration lies in knowing that this will help guide others into remembering and awakening further & deeper to one’s Self. That is the true purpose of Despierta.

What is the heartbeat of your brand?

Magic is the heartbeat of Despierta. Magic in purity, quality, and that of utmost natural beauty - real, true magic. Be that through the ingredients themselves, or all that inspires each blend.. a deep calm breath, a colorful sunset, majestic waterfalls, a cool summer breeze, hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies, the Moon.. all that is awe-inspiring yet at times overlooked but is essential to our truest well-being, amazement and inner peace on this plane and beyond. This true magic resides all around AND within Us. This is what keeps Despierta alive and shining!

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

I truly enjoy traveling as a form of self-care. Though this may seem like an odd ’self-care’ ritual, I truly believe that the most healing I’ve ever faced was when I traveled. Be it solo or with others, travel shows you parts of yourself you’ve left hidden or long forgotten - and when solo, makes you face it head-on. I even enjoy setting intentions for each trip - something as simple as I will talk to strangers and make a new friend, or I will take a full day to myself to just BE.. this gives me the space, clarity or growth I need when I need it most!

What got you into wanting to work with herbs?

As a 1st-gen Mexicana, now immigrated to another country, I was raised with grandparents who had incredible knowledge about herbs, spirituality and consciousness. I have always been fascinated with curanderismo (the ancient healing arts / shamanism in Mexico), and after a long journey back home to my Self (both spiritually and physically after a world peace tour I led) I wanted to create something more tangible than meditation to help others on their journey.  I have now spent the past 6+ years studying and practicing under incredible teachers and mentors to further my understanding and gnosis of herbal, energetic, and spiritual realms. As I came to create Despierta, teas came to me in a vision as a natural next step. They hold the power of stillness, presence and reflection - without being too intimidating and are easily integratabtle & relatable to the masses. All in all - Botanicals are one of nature’s many gifts we have been blessed with, and I am honored to be able to create such valuable tools for so many as I continue to grow, learn and heal myself. 

What is your favorite ritual with one of your products:

Journaling for sure would be my favorite with Astral Traveler. As someone who has held lucid dreaming as a lifetime practice, I knew I had to create a blend that would aid others curious and wishing to explore this realm for themselves. Because of this, I always suggest a dream journal.. one that you can split in two, where you can do a daily ‘brain dump’ and gratitude for the day on one side to clear your mind before bed and give thanks for the day, and the other is utilized to catalog your dreams, visions, or any memories (keynotes, colors you saw, etc.) to aid in amplifying your dream recall and serving as a documentation for future reference (as many dreams you will find are prophetic in nature and aim to reveal to you parts of yourself or coming experiences etc.).

Tell us something unique to you:

 I like to live my life to the fullest in all ways & always — to both push my human limits and also prove to myself (and others) that we are indeed magical, limitless beings. Because of this my life this round has been a play of extremities. I have lived the “life of my dreams” many times over all the while teaching others how to do the same and refining what I wish for that dream to look and feel like over the years — from having celebrity clients teaching them ancient techniques (mirror work, divination, dream work, astral projection, etc.) and living in a penthouse modeling around the world, to literally giving up my material possessions to move to a temple, travel the world for world peace alongside a renowned Buddhist monk leading and teaching meditation, and most recently moving to another country and settling down to steward land.. where I now work with my botanicals, art and creations all the while raising 7 baby alpacas. My life, much like your own, has gone through many seasons & revisions - yet one thing has & will always remain the same.. my desire for seeing, being and creating Magic - on this plane & beyond.. and wishing to awaken and remind you of that very magic, which lies within YOU.

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